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THE One on One MENTORING sessions

This unique mentorship is designed for photographers who want to challenge their perspectives and grow as artists. The  One on One Mentorship seeks to provide you with the fundamental tools to build a consistent creative process as a support for your artistic identity. Trusting your creative soul means you get to transition and evolve, ultimately setting yourself apart as a photographer. I am here to help you discover what more you can do as an artist and to mentor you through some new ideas when it comes to shooting, editing, and creating your art.  

HOW and when

The mentoring sessions can be done over skype, or in person if you live in Vancouver, BC.

Common topics

Portfolio Review

Art Direction and Pre-Production

Model Direction and Body Language as a Key Aspect of the Composition

Storytelling in Intimate Photography

Concept and Photographic Identity

Working with natural / available light in small spaces



2 hour session: $300.00

4 hour session: $500.00

6 hour session: $650.00

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE mentoring sessions?

Please send me a message with your questions.

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